The Social Baby: Understanding Babies' Communication from Birth (DVD)

Understanding and preparing for the arrival of a baby is not innate, parents require knowledge and experience to understand the needs of their baby.

Providing support and reassurance to new parents is also an essential element to promote a safe and secure environment for infants. Babies can often place demands on their carers, which at times can feel unbearable. Parenting is the most difficult task that most people undertake and yet it is also the one for which most receive little to no training.

Every baby is a unique individual from the moment of birth, with its own likes and dislikes. Only by being finely tuned to a babys unique communication can an adult fully understand the baby and its needs. The Social Baby is an innovative resource which is based on established research about the development of infant communication.

The DVD provides a window into the rich and complex social world of babies and looks at individual responses to voice, smell, sensitivity to the environment, supporting carers to manage crying by helping babies to calm themselves and also strategies for feeding and developing a consistent sleeping pattern.

The Social Baby is targeted at parents, parenting groups, parenting classes, midwives, health visitors, Sure Start projects and early years workers.

DVD region: free. Length: 28 min. Includes subtitles.

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