The Child's World: The comprehensive guide to assessing children in need (Second Edition)

Edited by Jan Horwath. Second edition of book on assessing children in need and their families. Integrates practice, policy and theory to produce a comprehensive and multidisciplinary guide to all aspects of assessment.

Provides an explanation of the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families, and offers guidance on how to use it sensitively and effectively. Explores the implications of legislation including the Children Act 2004, and national guidance for assessment practice. Draws on research, best practice, and lessons learnt over the past decade of Framework implementation, to equip practitioners with the skills to identify the developmental needs of children, assess parental capacity, and evaluate the impact of family, economic and environmental factors on the carer's ability to meet the needs of the child.

Please note the content is correct at the time of production. We would recommend checking the current legislation alongside the content.


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